Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Course sometimes he makes me feel a little panic when he decides to climb.

Yeah. He likes to climb, a LOT.

Have I ever mentioned Shaun likes to climb?

Friday, May 15, 2009

The addiction goes on....

So I have now been off Mt Dew for 4 weeks today. Ta-da! And what does Aaron do? Brings home a liter of the sweet, radioactive yellow goodness. humph. I took one sip today. Couldn't help it. I think I need to dump the whole bottle down the drain though. The first 3 weeks was one permanent headache. They aren't as frequent now. That is really the only difference I have felt from not drinking. I wasn't very functional for a while with the withdrawal headaches and frequent migraines. But, on the up side: I have lost 5 pounds kicking the habit. Monday I am starting back on the South Beach diet to get myself healthy again.

Speaking of healthy. I just finished the last round of all of my tests. We found out I am hypopneic. In other words, my brain forgets to tell my lungs to breathe. When I sleep I drop to 4 breathes a minute (normal is 8-12). The cause? What else? Getting hit in the head.
Currently I am using oxygen to sleep. The pulmonologist is thinking about getting me on a bi pap. It blows at the normal rate of breathing, in and out. But not sure how good that will work. I can barely handle the oxygen concentrator.

So all in all. Still doing good. Still pooped. But I am making progress. Just not having a migraine this week makes me feel like I've made huge progress.