Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Beast

We all know Shaun can be a trouble maker. He's especially hard when I am working, he's got too much energy and I get very little sleep. Usually only an hour or two during his nap time.
I discovered yesterday how bad things can get when he doesn't nap.

The last few days Shaun has decided he no longer needs to sleep. Yesterday I was in between shifts (worked the night before and was going to work again that night.) And he was NOT going to take a nap. I finally just tried laying him in his crib. What does he do? Starts rocking the crib till it is SLAMMING into the wall. Can't let him stay in there, he'll either knock the crib over or knock out the entire wall. I take him out and hope if he stays awake longer, he'll get tired enough to put down again.

So by noon, I was awake 24+ hours and I crashed. Not sure how, but I was instantly asleep for over an hour. I wake to Shaun throwing a diaper in my face. He is buck naked and in the process of peeing on the floor (and laughing hysterically about the pee). That's when I sit up and notice my surroundings. He took an entire box of cereal and spread it all over the family room. Of course it's all crushed in. Shaun climbed the kitchen sink and emptied an entire bottle of hand soap into it to make bubbles. He had gotten into my room and used my deodorant to paint on the carpet. And lastly, he used an entire stick of concealer to decorate himself. Even his little butt cheeks were drawn on.

At the time I was too tired to be anything but hysterical. I really should have been taking pictures, cuz now it's funny. Luckily for him, he decided to take a nap today. If not he might have ended up in the river. ;) From now on, though, if he doesn't sleep I think I need to lock him in the toy room and sleep in there with him.

I still can't believe I managed to sleep through that much!