Thursday, October 30, 2008

my addendum

So, Bobbi and Butch came back. Bobbi kept smoking as soon as she left the hospital and didn't take her meds, so she ended up back on a ventilator. But, Butch wasn't allowed to visit even once. And, we had things arranged so the only people caring for Bobbi, nurses, aides, respiratory, even physical therapy, were all males. Oh darn......

As far as the crazy old lady goes. Yeah, she did apologize. But only after I went ballistic and she realized we had a HUGE audience. I was a little psycho. She started to apologize and I kept screaming at her 'No you're not! If you were sorry you would get out of the car and not drive!" I also kept screaming at her that driving was worth killing a kid to her. Yeah, she drove off very quickly.
When I got home and called the police, they said I should have called them from the parking lot. Then they could have talked to witnesses and whatever else it is they do. If I had called at the time, she could have been issued a ticket and forced to traffic court. Where a judge could have decided to send her to a MD for an eval. But, since I didn't, all they could do is go talk to her.
Avery cried for HOURS after that, she was so shaken up by actually being bonked by the car. Whenever we walk in a parking lot now, she tells me to look out for the crazy old ladies. And right after it happened, Kenna just said 'crazy old bat' I'm just glad she didn't pick up on some of the other words I said. Aaahhhh, the Proffitt side of me.

Life is good. Tonight we are going to go show Nanny and Granddad our costumes. Avery is going to be the Bride of Frankenstein. With her curly hair, I can make it stand straight up. And Kenna is going to be a kitty. I'm awful, I haven't done anything for Shaun because he won't be going trick or treat. Aaron's Aunt Gill (pronounced Jill, hey it's British) will be taking the girls trick or treating because I have to work, and there is no chance of getting it off. That's OK, I got Thanksgiving and Christmas off work, so it's a pretty fair trade.

I love you all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll start breathing again......eventually

Freakishly horrible, sick, scary, awful, my heart is still in my throat.
I went to the grocery store today with the girls. We were walking holding hands. And this old lady starts backing up without ever looking. She actually bumps Avery with the car and I push Avery behind me. Does she stop? NO!!!!!! She kept backing up, into us! I kept pushing the girls back.
Finally I hit her car. Now most people something banging your trunk would make you stop. Not her. I think she was too deaf. So I just pounded the crap out of her car till I put a dent in the trunk. At first she screams at me for hitting the car, "I'm gonna make you pay for that dent, What are you kitting my car for?" Well, the Dad in me came out and I called her a demented psycho old bat who is too old to drive and to get the hell off the road. I think I may have said a few more words I probably shouldn't have in front of the girls.
Well, I just got off the phone with the police. I told them I was a little too mean, but they need to go talk to her. She needs to realize there is a time when enjoying the extra freedom of driving is not worth killing a kid.
OK.... I'm off my high horse. I just needed to share my terror with the rest of you. My breathing should slow down by tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been tagged

You've been tagged

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Ok! ME:

1. I don't like to go out much. I used to love to go out and hang out with friends. But my favorite thing to do now is stay at home and watch movies with Aaron or play 'Cosmic Cows' with the girls. I think part of it is because I am so busy anyway. My girlfriends have a hard time getting me to go out with them.

2. I am a master at probably the most disgusting part of being in a hospital: catheters. Some of my friends call me "The catheter Queen" and call me for a particularly difficult 'stick'

3. I have the bestest in laws in the world!! Esther, Aaron's sister, is my best friend. And I love hanging out with the fam. His cute grandparents call me. His mom and dad check in on me to make sure I'm doing ok. I am so sad when one of them decides to move away. (yeah, I'm pointing my finger at YOU, Ruthie and Jared!) When I tease Aaron saying they love me more than him, he says, "I already know that." hehehe No psycho in laws for me :)

4. I can sleep anytime, anywhere, for any length of time. Once, when Aaron took the girls to my mother in laws house, I think I slept for a grand total of 20 hours! Still had a hard time waking up.

5. I am book smart, medicine smart, but am really a huge ditz. Life is kept organized through lists and piles of paper. Drives Aaron crazy how flaky I can be.

6. I'm a pretty darn good cook. I can make gourmet meals and killer fish tacos. There is only one place in Utah that makes better fish tacos. And it's because of their jalapeno cilantro sauce. We love to barbeque, every year for the Fourth of July we have a huge barbeque for Aaron's family. But, I hate to clean up the mess of cooking!

7. My house is an ark. I love animals. Have lots. We have: a five foot long snake (ball python) named Jezebel. A lizard (leopard gecko) named Spotty. An 80 gallon aquarium with Ruby Nosed Tetras, Discus fish, Kuhli loaches, and fresh water shrimp. And....... drum roll please..... a PUPPY!!!

So, I couldn't make the cute little graphic for this thing work, sorry guys. Again, blogging is too technical for me.
The people I tag:
Ruthie I know Grant has already done this. ;)
Mark AND Alicia

As for the puppy news, you'll have to wait for more of that later!