Monday, April 27, 2009

This is another veiw at our campsite. I didn't take any pics from my cell phone today, we were in Devil's Garden. We go to Canyonlands tomarrow.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thos is what I'm doing right now. We went to Moab this weekend and we're camping in Castle Valley. You can see one of the castles behind Avery. I'll send more pics tomarrow. I love cell phones.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just thought I would let

Just thought I would let you all know it has been 6 days and 12 hours since my last Mt Dew. And, no, I do not feel any better for giving it up.



Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Spring from Utah!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The TV

I thought I would give an addendum to my TV post. Why I really can't kill the girls.
They gave me a stack of homemade cards stuffed in a bag filled with coins and one dollar bills. The first card had a picture of a TV with "We are sorie."
The next was a picture of both the girls crying with "We now you are mad, but we love you."
Followed by a card saying "Her is all our monnie to by a new tv."
Next was a card saying "It is all of our savings. It is 25 dolars and 27 cents and 3 dolars off."
After which was a card they found in the mail for $3 off at Toys R US.
At the end, I was cracking up and really couldn't take their money. Of course, they were still grounded. Little beasties. Cute little beasties. But monsters all the same. They narrowly avoided being tied in a bag and thrown in the river.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I know! I know! Two WHOLE days in a row! I know you all are reeling, so just take a deep breathe, and hold on to your chair till the world rights itself again. It's been a slow night at work (miraculously) again so I thought I would share some more with you all. ]

Shaun is starting to talk. He and the dog are best buds. They think they are brothers. Well, lately I have been visiting the vet a lot. Stupid Jack broke his toes. Any possible way to destroy that cast, he has figured it out. We end up in the vets office about 1 or 2 times a week. ugh. During those trips the dog is typically in the very back with his head resting on Shaun's shoulder. Last week's visit was very eventful. On the way home I suddenly hear Shaun "NO! NO! No og! No! NO! NO!" Followed by the sound of Shaun retching. I look back and Jack was car sick all over the rug and Shaun was horrified. The whole trip home was to the sound of Shaun yelling no, no to the 'og' interspersed with the sounds of him gagging.
By the way, my carpet cleaner didn't get it all out. Anyone with a great idea to get dog puke out of the carpet? I'm just glad Jack decided to not puke on Shaun's shoulder.

Jack unfortunately is really not stupid. He's so smart he is at the point of being stupid. He uses the cast to club the girls and snitch treats. The cone is his personal tool to herd Shaun wherever he wants the baby to go. Lately, he has figured out how to open the baby's bedroom door. He waits till the baby is put down for bed to go in there and wake him up. I caught the dog trying to jump into the crib the other night. And somehow through all of this, I am supposed to keep my 7 month old puppy "immobilized" Ummmmm.... because he is not allowed to exercise like he normally does, he's been trying to jump off the top of the stairs into the basement.

I am pretty pooped lately. Correction, I am exhausted. I have been trying to work out religiously for about 3 months now. And it has done me no good. I have lost minimal weight. And still am so tired I don't wake up to alarms. It feels like I'm not functioning anymore. So, I went to the doctor. His answer. Lose LOTS of weight. And get off the caffeine. Does someone care to tell me how I am going to get off Mt Dew? It's worse than crack! I drink it like water. And really, how am I going to function at 3 in the morning at work if I don't have a Mt Dew. ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!! Can you hear the panic in my voice? Cuz it's there. I am now 'pre-diabetic,' my thyroid is wigging out, and I am officially considered obese. Depressing. So. I am GOING to get healthy. I'll keep you all in the loop. I need a support group somewhere. I definitely won't get it from most of my coworkers. (Do you know what most nurses do in the middle of the night? Fill up a clean bedpan with microwave popcorn and candy. They like to keep each other fat, you fit in that way)

Last story. Aaron and I just bought a new TV. Our family TV pooped out. We talked and talked about it and finally decided on a nice one. Flat panel 42 inch LCD. We put it on a credit card with no interest for 18 months. I figured I could work a few extra shifts and pay it off quickly. Of course, the girls have been told repeatedly to not touch the TV. Last week the girls got PB on it. Rather than tell us, they went and got cleaner. Still don't know which kind. And SCRUBBED the TV. They managed to strip the film off the screen and put a great big scratch down it. To top it off- The girls lied through their teeth, multiple times with straight faces that they didn't do it! Aaron managed to clean the TV up so you can watch without everything being blurry. The girls are grounded from watching TV for the next month. And this week was my first extra shift to pay for the %#* TV. Proof right there I never should have bothered with anything material or nice with my monsters running around.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I really do still exist

I've decided I really hate blogging. It takes so much time. And I am never as funny/real/emotional/human as everyone else seems to be. Nor am I ever posting pictures. They are so much easier to put on Facebook. ( accept me as a friend mom, and you'll get to see all of them) Plus....posting just takes time.

Well, Dad has been yelling at me again to post. So I figured I ought to give everyone an update.

The kids are doing awesome. I am just so proud of them.

Avery's croup is slowly getting better. We seem to be having fewer and fewer attacks a month. Whew. Every little bit seems to be such a huge releif. She just had b-day #9. And I can't beleive how quickly she is growing up! The other day Avery and I went to Mommy-Daughter brunch for activity days. The ward's crazy drug addict was there and was beyond horrible. She kept following the 13 year old girls who were serving, critiquing their serving abilities. "I am a waitress at Denny's and you really need to be better. THis service is just terrible!" Because they didn't serve her first (not her daughter, HER) Every time her daughter, Lexi, tried to talk, she'd interrupt and finish every sentence/story. In other words. She totally fried her brain and was furious at the world for not revolving around her. The point of my story? Afterwards Avery and I started to talk. And she said to me "Mom, I bet Lexi was really embarrassed by her mom. I think I would be if I were her............. I think maybe I shouldn't talk about it. Because she is my friend. And that might hurt her feelings." How could I not be proud? And she is trying to quote Monty Python. "Mom, your dad is a chipmunk and your mom smells like Elders." (the original quote is your father was a hamster and your mother smelt of elderberries.

Kenna is just as spunky and funny as always. Quite the drama queen. Just last night I was on the phone and she came running up to me in a panic. "Mom, Mom, it's an emergency! You FORGOT to buy the fruit roll ups!" She has decided to befriend the new boy in school, he's from S. America. His name is Yadid, Kenna calls him Ya did it. She teaches him English, he teaches her Spanish. And, of course, she is bestest friends with her big sister. They still sleep together every night. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I want to kill them for their bickering, but somehow they manage to forget it all at bedtime. I guess that's how sisters always are.

Shaun, oh my lands. He just cracks me up! And I can't believe how much of a boy he is. He is starting to show some interest in sitting on the potty. And, he is dry first thing every morning. I thought, why not? Lets see what he can do. So I let him go naked. Now with the girls, when they had accidents on the floor, they were just grossed out. Not Shaun, he had an accident and played in it. ugh. I put a diaper on him, and later tried sitting him on the potty. His idea of going potty? He had his hand cupped in front as he started and stopped the stream in his hand! OK. Potty training can wait a while. A loooonnnnng while. He has stopped growing. Is that Proffitt genetics? Or could it be the fact that he lost 5lbs in 2 weeks when he was sick? I'm trying to beef him back up. It was nice having one chubby baby.

Work is going. I had to work on both of the girls birthdays. My manager wouldn't let me have the days off. grrrrr. It was OK though. We played the day before McKenna's. And the day after Avery's birthdays. Even though we were a day off, it was still a lot of fun. I have been in talks with a manager over at ICU at the Provo hospital. She is hoping to have an opening for me by October. IHC has been in a hiring freeze, so it'll be hard transferring units. Plus, this unit has a great reputation among the nurses. So, it's worth waiting to get into a good unit. I've discovered my job is just too hard to be at and not like the unit I'm on.
So..... is that enough of an update to satisfy everyone? If so, expect the next post in a month or so. ;) Dad? Do you approve? hehehe