Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sorry guys. I knew about it, and had talked with Dad. I figured he'd call everyone. Of course he thought Mom would call, and Mom thought he would. If you want to call, wait a day or two to call her, she is exhausted. Maybe a text or email now. She needs to sleep for, like, the next 48 hours. Love you all!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ahh the tranquility is over... for a moment

Just wondering... why do people think nurses are their personal slaves whose only purpose in life is to be their own drug dealer? Of course, I shouldn't care about any other patient. And if don't spend my every moment in thier room waiting at their beck and call I am a heartless B@#*& whose incompetent. Some nights I wonder why I do this job. Yeah, I'm having fun at work right now.

PS... and yeah, I did just get called that. Got in trouble for telling her it was innapropriate and I wouldn't put up with it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So, I'm at work, it has slowed down a little and I am trying to stay awake. So, I thought I would say 'hi'. Life is pretty mellow. No drama except for the ins and outs of work and mommy hood.

Shaun is walking now, and is FREAKING CUTE. Avery has all the boys in love with her and can't decide which one to marry. (no surprise there) McKenna is thriving in school, mostly because she has a teacher she adores. Jack (the dog) is a spaz and has helped me lose 4 lbs trying to keep him exercised. Aaron just bought the new Gears of Wars now that fishing season will soon be drawing to a close. He is addicted to way too many things. ;)

Our fridge was on the edge of death, so we bought a new one before ALL of the food spoiled. That was exciting, but now I get to work all those extra shifts to be able to afford it. That and trying to get extra money for Christmas, I'm working about 50 hours a week. So fun! I am the new Webelos leader. I could use help with that. Anyone have some good sheets on tracking on the different patches and badges? Anyone know of a good website resource? I would appreciate it. Webelos is a bit overwhelming, guess they thought enrichment wasn't enough for me and my schedule was too slow. I'm supposed to go back to school in Jan (work is expecting it) but I really can't bring myself to do it just yet. I think I am going to just wait, and if work has a problem, well, they could fire me. Yeah, right, only in my dreams.