Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well, ignoring every one's advice, I decided to take the job. It will be a huge cut financially, I am opting to give up my management pay as well as all the other stuff. But, what ultimately made me decide is the work environment.
First, my floor has oodles of issues. There is one RN who has actually showed up to work smashed a few times. One bring her laptop to work to look at porn. She'll stop for a few months after she gets in trouble, and then starts back up again. And the entire talk/attitude of the place is horribly negative. Lots of sex talk. Lots of "I hate being in health care." No one helps each other. And people having affairs is not even hidden. Everything I hear about IMC is it is very professional and everyone works together.
I've been talking to a lot of people about my new floor. Apparently my new manager, Katie, is very much of the opinion that it is only a job, and family must come first. While we already know Annette's attitude is the exact opposite; work must come before everything else. I think that is what made the final decision for me.
In the end, I have decided the money isn't worth what I have to be staying for.
I start training at the end of the month.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So, do I take it?

Well, I have been keeping an eye on the job board at work and an opening came up for one of the critical care units. I looked at it, didn't even submit an application, and I quickly got a call from them later. They wanted an interview NOW, they already knew me and offered me the job the second I walked into the interview.
The plus of taking the job: more room for advancement (I can't get any higher where I am at now.) I get to play with more cool toys, like chest tubes, pacemakers, and probes in people's brain (SWEET!) It's a unit where we are not expected to work overtime. It's something new with a lot for me to learn.
The negative: I wouldn't work only weekends any more, much more babysitter money. My commute changes from a 5-10 min drive to a 30 min. Almost 2 hours on the days BYU has football games. More time away from the kids, and more money in gas. No pay raise. And, I leave a unit where I know I love to work. I have to go through 3-5 weeks of orientation, during the day, what do I do with my monsters?
What do you guys think?

On a different note, I have lost 17 lbs since giving up my Mt Dew! 5 from giving up the soda, 5 from having pneumonia, and 7 on the South Beach. Butthead Aaron has lost about 10 or 12 just on the diet. But, technically, I am STILL ahead. hehehe Still not feeling much more energy. But my clothes are fitting better. I'll take that little bit.