Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This FREAKING CUTE background is thanks to my sister, Lauri. She took pity on me and did the background for me. She even put on it a picture of my favoritest place in the world, Currant creek. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Yeah, she love me. :)


So, Dad yelled at me today for not updating my blog. So I am taking a few moments just to write. Sorry no pictures today.

Well, I am now officially a Cardiac Nurse. Got the results back and I got a 100%, I'm happy. I killed myself taking those courses. Now I just have to finish the Critical Care coursework and I'll feel a little more human........

I'm feeling a hundred times better. Still have a nagging cough that won't quite go away. That's ok, its the norm with pneumonia. And I find I HAVE to make myself slow down and rest. I do get tired quickly. But, my Dr keeps saying that is a good thing. Maybe I'll actually listen to him for once........

Shaun just had his first b-day on Thurs. We had a lot of fun. I just couldn't bring myself to having everyone over for cake. So, it was just our little family. And, I REALLY enjoyed it. Shaun got to take all the time in the world with his toys. And there was no stress. We got him a little push car, firetruck. Complete with flashing light. He went crazy for it. The funny thing is, he wouldn't leave it alone. He was so pissed when we took him away from it for cake. He took one lick of cake off my finger and then was done. He cracks me up...........

Avery just had her last game of soccer on Saturday. She got a medal. So funny. "Mom, is this medal real metal? Wow! It must be worth a lot." She is still so pleased with her medal. It looks like this new medication she is on will finally do the trick for her croup. Her cough has been so much better........

McKenna, is still just as funny as ever. She just lost a tooth. And has been telling everyone how the toof fairy poofed her toof. She had to run over to the neighbors in her pjs to tell them all about it.........

So, I am alive. We are doing so much better. Dare I say it? Things are going good.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Im feeling better now....

I am now off my pity party. My nervous breakdown is officially over. I figure I should give you all a background to my little breakdown I had last week. So..... I got pneumonia. I mean I have been SICK. Still not quite over it yet. I was so sick my lung capacity actually went down to 60%. So you can imagine, I couldn't breathe, was exhausted, coughed so much my chest hurt all the time. Well, the night before, my new manager gave me a hard time for calling in sick for the next 3 days. She actually made me drive in to work at 11:00 at night with a doctors note.

So Saturday comes, and Aaron goes fishing for the WHOLE day. I was OK with that, he'd been planning this trip for weeks, but it was hard on me. My children could smell that I was weak! I lay down to take a nap with Shaun, and when I wake up, the girls had a food fight. They had ground popcorn and graham crackers into the carpet in the family room and the hallway and the kitchen floor had a fine powder covering it. OK, breathe deep, I don't yell, I just hand them the broom and vacuum and go downstairs with the baby to work on my blog. Well, then you know what happens, I lose it. Of course it only got better. When I got upstairs, the girls pulled every blanket, pillow, sheet, and stuffed animal off their beds and made a fort in the middle of the graham cracker-popcorn sand dune.

I ended up just sitting down and crying. McKenna just looked at me and said: "Oh, Dad's gonna beat our butts!" And suddenly they were furiously cleaning. I called Aaron and he came home early to help me out.

Of course, there's still no sheets on their beds. I haven't gotten enough energy to do that yet. The pneumonia is clearing up. Sometimes I have a hard time breathing. I'm on a lot of steroids to try to bring down the inflammation that has built up in my lungs. I tried to go back to work last night. That didn't turn out too good. I'm gonna wait till next week to go back.

So my house isn't perfect, but I'm starting to feel better. I'm no longer insane. And I don't cough so hard I puke. So it IS getting better. Hey, at least I don't have to mop Ike out of my house like some people I know. And Julie, Ruthie, you guys are in my prayers. At least your safe!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I give up

That's it! I give up! Maybe it's the fact that I am worn out from having 3 sick kids, or maybe it's the fact that this pneumonia has finally kicked my butt. It could be that my house is a complete disaster. Or I am tired of working full time and trying to be a mommy. All those classes and meetings work is making me take added to home work, dance, class projects, soccer, you know "family stuff." But I am POOPED. I mean lay on the couch and watch disinterestedly as the kids try to kill each other.
Somehow I killed my cute blog. The sunflowers stopped showing up, instead there was a stupid "Upgrade NOW!" I tried to fix it and got this all white beauty.
I tried to post a few pictures, and it will not accept the HTML from slide.com.
SO.......... I GIVE UP! I am done trying to make this piece of crap look cute. Don't know when I'll get pictures on either. Sorry folks..... too tired and this is one more thing taking up energy. If pictures get on here, it will have to be Aaron to do it.
As far as us being sick, we're OK, I promise. I'm the only one who got pneumonia. We think we figured out why Avery's getting croup and how to prevent it. And I am going to sleep for for the next year.