Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guitar Hero

I am finally getting this blogging crap right.
So, we bought a Wii. And it was a GREAT idea. We spend quite a few nights having Guitar Hero and bowling championships. McKenna kills us all at bowling and Avery is quite the good guitar player. I thought I would give you all a glimpse at one of our competitions. It is so fun watching Avery's intensity as she's trying to "kill' Dad. (She doesn't have to worry about me, she wins every time.) McKenna loves to rock out and ham it up.
For your listening pleasure I have also included one of their favorite songs to play!

Live concert

Sunday, July 13, 2008


OK..... one of the things I liked about a blog was I liked the idea of changing my background to suit my mood. I do, and I lose a bunch of stuff from my blog. So, why did I lose my play list and side elements when I changed the background? And how do I keep it from happening again? HELP before I give this whole thing up!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I thought technology was supposed to make my life easier!

I had taken these really funny pictures to go with that really funny story of Shaun being systematically turned into a girl. And, here I am, feeling so clever about myself. I know how to work this. Blogging is easy. I hurry and download the pictures from my new camera to the computer. They are so cute. Do I want to burn a copy of the pictures to a CD? my computer asks. No, I am IT savvy, I can do that later. Then I write the blog, oh everyone will love the story! I post my blog, then go to post the pictures. AND THEY ARE GONE! I can't find them when I browse under blogspot. I click back to my desktop, and somehow my pictures are lost in the circuitry of my computer. I swear, I was just looking at them. So, at one in the morning I am screaming curse words at the computer and am so glad my children are asleep and cannot hear. Finally I find the @#^^%#$#!#& pictures, who knows where. OK, I found them, so now I will copy them to a file that will be easy to find. Click, click copy. I am back on track. I close the photos and there is my desktop. Covered in over 400 labels for my pictures. Not only did the pictures go to the desktop, they multiplied from 60 to 400. And of course, I cannot find the 2 pictures I want to post. So, if at 2 in the morning you thought your ears were burning. That was me verbally abusing the spawn of Satan in metal form sitting on my desk. So, here I am days later, with a blog only partially completed unable to fix the mess. Every time I sit at my computer I now repeat my mantra......"I will not club the computer to death with the camera."

Oh....... and eventually you might get to see those pictures of Shaun

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh, my poor boy

So..... the Sother day, I hear the girls just CRACKING up. I mean cackling with laughter. And I can also hear Shaun complaining. Not crying, not screaming, just complaining. Now, this is usually fairly common in my home. The girls will take him away to some corner of the house to play together. But, this time, I thought I would see what was going on. So, I find the kids all in the bathroom together. The girls had gotten earrings on him. And were trying to pin him down to put make up on as well. Lucky for him he almost weighs as much as McKenna. Avery made him happy again by giving him one of her toys to play with. He is going to be lucky to make it to manhood with any semblance of dignity intact....