Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ok. Ok. I still can't get all my pics to upload from my phone properly. Still figuring it out. I decided to start way back when and show you much of what you have missed. There were 2 pics in here I lost. This was Halloween.
My first attempts at sewing and I made the capes. Mckenna is Hermione. I cross-stitched her Gryffindor badge. Hopefully I will figure out how to post it. She absolutely LOVES Harry Potter and was so THRILLED with her costume.
And Shaun is, well, Super Shaun. First I couldnt get him to wear the cape. He wanted to wear his usual 'cape'.... his blankie. Then once I got it on him, he refused to put on his coat, since it would hide the cape. Luckily he kept warm by flying to each house.

And, yes I do live in Utah, so it was snowing that night.